Urban Farming Ideas

Gardening as a business also makes you healthy and fit

Just imagine that the crops from your own made gardens are the healthiest varieties and for sure the first one that has the opportunity to consume it will be you. This would be the first benefit of having your own garden business, which you will be able to have that opportunity to eat the healthiest […]

Some Salad Green Variants

Salad green are arrays of edible leaves thus use for making salad greens. One of the favorite and profitable crop for urban farmers would be the ‘Salad Greens’. But not all of the salad green variants are the same when it comes to their yield and sustainability and you must need to asses, depending on […]

Urban Farms and disasters like hurricane and storms

Just some recent events that happened in the US where a series of hurricane with category 4 hit the country that tremendously damage a lot of properties including crops and farms. However after some disastrous typhoon events, large scale farm may not be able to cope out right away, due to a massive resources required, […]

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